Dr. Laura Winkel

I am a Washington state native, growing up in the Spokane area.  I have been trapshooting since I was ten years old, when my father, Delbert Wynecoop, introduced me to the sport.  Growing up, I received much support from my father, my mother, Esther, and my sister, Kathy. 

I am a life member of the ATA, and an annual member of the PITA.  I am a AA-27-AA shooter.  I have been selected to be on the Women's All American team for the past sixteen years (2001-2016).  I was inducted into my state Hall of Fame in 2004.  

I attended graduate school at Pacific University College of Optometry in Forest Grove, OR.  I have 29 years experience as an optometric physician.  I currently practice in Pasco, WA.  I have the privilege of working with a great staff of people at Grandridge Eye Clinic.   This relationship allows me to offer a wider variety of options and services to my patients.

I am proud to be a wife and a mother to Jim and Bradley, respectively.  Bradley is now 18 years old, and trapshoots, too.  Bradley is heading off to University of Montana in Bozeman in August. (I'm sure you're not interested in Jim's age.)  

Understanding the special eye care needs of trapshooters allows me to provide an even greater service to my patients, and I take their needs very seriously.  Trapshooting is a great sport, with great people, and great people deserve the best in eye care.

                                                                                                      ~Dr. Laura Winkel

Dr. Laura Winkel