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  in-office, complete examination
  field prescription evaluation

Post 4 Products
Post 4's frame is made of Titanium, a strong, lightweight material.  Available in gold or black.

 Decot HyWyd
This product has been around a long time, and has stood the test of time.

Rudy Project  **New find ** Great wrap around style with adjustable nosepiece.  Recommended for higher power prescriptions.  Used in other sport disiciplines.

Lenses Only 
If you already have a frame, We can put new lenses into it.

Additional Options: RX powers + and - 4.00 sph or cyl
Trifocal, additional to bifocal price
Anti-reflective coating
Anti-reflective NEW generation more scratch resistant
Rx Trivex, polycarbonate, or Hi-Index lenses
Transition lenses

*Shipping charges may apply.

All lenses include ultraviolet protective coating and scratch-resistant coating.
*Shipping charges may apply to all products.
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